Project Details

Green Springs Stucco & Paint

In Green Springs, this residence required both stucco repair and a fresh coat of paint. With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously masked off areas such as stonework, roof tiles, windows, and doors that didn't require painting. This precaution ensured that the final paint job would accentuate the home's beauty without causing any unintended damage. In the accompanying photograph, you cannot see where stucco repairs were made. Our goal is for these repairs to seamlessly blend with the existing stucco, rendering them virtually indistinguishable. If the repairs are imperceptible, then we've achieved our objective of delivering a flawless finish.

A single-story house with a beige exterior and flawless finish, topped with a dark tiled roof, is partially obscured by a neatly trimmed green hedge. Two white patio chairs are visible on a lawn under a cloudy sky.
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