Project Details

Gate Restoration

This St George gate, fell into disrepair, its once-imposing frame obscured by rust and fractures. But Howard Painting & Welding weren't deterred by its sorry state. With grit and determination, we set out to revive it. We started by tackling the rust, scrubbing away years of neglect to reveal the gate's underlying structure. Then came the broken parts—a puzzle to solve, piece by piece. But it wasn't just about fixing what was broken; it was about breathing new life into the old gate. We coated it in fresh paint, choosing only the best to ensure it gleamed like new. With each stroke of the brush, the gate seemed to shed its tired facade, emerging vibrant and welcoming. Once again, the gate stood tall and proud, a symbol of resilience and renewal.

Decorative metal gate. No solid backing. Ornate iron work styling. Double gate for full entry to a two car garage in background.
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